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      VITEX - Vietnam IT Excellence Network
      Vitex is your bridge to excellent IT people, service providers and software products in Vietnam.
      Global standard IT talents

      Logical thinking, problem solving and creativity are among the greatest qualities of Vietnamese IT guys, who normally have outstanding performance in maths and science at early schooling. IBM, Google, Panasonic, Samsung etc are among many that trust our IT talents.

      Booming ITO services

      ICT sector in Vietnam enjoys most attention and incentives by Vietnamese government. This has ensured a fast growing trend in ITO (IT outsourcing) toward Vietnam. Hanoi and HCM city software vendors are among the most cost-effective, yet quality, IT service providers world-wide.

      Quality IT solutions

      With growing IT talents and vendors, more and more top-notch software products are made in Vietnam by Vietnamese engineers. Flappy bird, Elsa, Got it etc have earned their global names while a series of enterprise level solutions using Blockchain, Bigdata, AI, IoT…are ready in the market.

      Let's make IT work in Vietnam!

      Vietnam is both an IT outsourcing destination and a potential market for your business!
      Vitex: your ideal IT partner

      We are your presence in Vietnam. Vitex provides you with objective intelligence and management to ensure your pleasant outsourcing experience.

      IT Outsourcing

      With combination of in-house resources and huge IT vendor database, Vitex can confidently supply clients with any technical expertise and domain knowledge you’re looking for as the prerequisite for successful outsourcing projects.

      Vietnam based Representative

      We act as your local guy. Having a Vietnam-based management layer helps double or triple your remote software team productivity. You can rest assured about the quality delivery from Vendor.

      IT Expert engagement

      Vitex provides your IT vendors on-demand technical verification, consulting and training. With network of 1% TOP software professionals, we assist you to make the best of your team.

      Reseller / Distributor

      How about selling your software to Asia? We help localize your software products and solutions and act as the local re-seller of your software in a 100 million people market in Vietnam.

      ITO/BPO vendors across Vietnam
      Software engineers in the pool
      Round the clock work hours
      Any technologies you need
      Vitex as local Representative:
      Unique benefits for you:
      Vitex covers fine-mixture IT Skillsets

      If you’re looking to work with top IT talents in Vietnam, look no longer, Contact Vitex today. We are currently collaborating with 150+ Software Vendors with 5000+ IT professionals, majority are Software Engineers, but we do have Project Manager, Product Owner, Tester roles in our portfolios. Our software houses possess wide range of proficiency with both emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, etc as well as proven, dominating ones for traditional Website and Mobile apps development.

      PHP & LAMP stack


      Microsoft Technologies - .Net

      Front-end scripting / Javascript

      AI & Machine Learning


      Vitex eliminates the doubts and give you full confidence working with Remote IT Team!

      We represent your business in Vietnam

      We listen to your NEEDs so as to connect you with the most potential partners in our network
      • Matching technical skills
      • Matching experience and size
      • Within the required cost/budget range
      • Proven domain knowledge & reusable libraries
      • Authentic and relevant references
      • Timely resource arrangement

      You are sure to make an informed decision on which vendor to work with!

      Contact Vitex now


      Share your IT needs

      Share your software development requirement or offshore IT team building plan so we can discuss on best strategy to handle it


      Vitex's proposed shortlist

      Based on your requirements Vitex will shortlist most matching vendors who know the required technologies, products and vertical domains.


      Vendor qualification

      We facilitate the CV screening, tests, interviews or trial engagement with the Vendors so you’ll know exactly how each one works


      Selection & kick-off

      Select your vendor. We can assist you with the contractual procedures to get you all set up. Just kick off and enjoy the journey!


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      There's a difference between what Laravel calls facades and class aliases. Let's take a look...
      The keycloak-guard-laravel package provides an integration between the Keycloak authentication server and a Laravel application....
      The Cloudflare Cache package for Laravel provides cacheable routes, allowing you to serve millions of...
      Laravel has every testing tool you'll need to productively write feature and unit tests, giving...

      Our Clients’ outsourcing journey completely changes the day they have us as their local representative. Listen to what some of them have got to say:

      Perfect bridge to work with Vietnamese IT vendor. With excellent English communication and experience, Tony makes offshoring a piece of cake.

      Pascal D'Helft
      Founder & CEO, Appoint BBVA

      Tony has helped us working with IT partners in developing our blockchain based travel platform at We highly recommend Vitex.

      Steven Hipwell
      Co Founder / CEO

      As a Hanoi-based startup, Tony helps us by introducing IT talents for full time roles and connecting with quality IT vendors.

      Sanjeev Sapkota
      Founder & CEO (Hottab)
      Give us a shout now!
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      18, Song Da Building, Lane 165 Cau Giay street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

      LET'S TALK

      Phone/Whatsapp: +84982421313

      Skype: bui.anh.toan

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      If you’ve got any question please get in touch!

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