Ha Nguyen

April 27, 2023

WebSockets are a protocol that enables real-time communication between a client (such as a web browser) and a server. Unlike traditional HTTP requests, which involve sending a request and waiting for a response, WebSockets allow for bidirectional communication between the client and server, allowing for data to be pushed from the server to the client in real-time.
To integrate WebSockets into your application use Laravel, you’ll need to use a WebSocket library or framework. BeyondCode has developed a Laravel package called Laravel WebSockets that provides an easy-to-use WebSocket server and client implementation for Laravel applications. With Laravel WebSockets, you can quickly set up a real-time communication system between your Laravel application and your clients, such as web browsers, mobile apps, or IoT devices.
Laravel WebSockets package comes with many features, including:
– Broadcasting server: Laravel WebSockets comes with a built-in broadcasting server that makes it easy to broadcast events from your Laravel application to all connected clients in real-time.
– Channel management: You can create channels to group related events and control access to them.
– Presence, Event, Client, etc
You can find more details about BeyondCode’s Laravel WebSockets package on their website:
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